The network layer

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Third post of the TCP/IP blog series. Here I’ll be summarizing the 4th chapter in the book “Computer networking: a top down approach”. I’ve used some of the images from it to illustrate my point here. I do not own any of the content and all credits go to both authors of this great book. Without further ado, here’s the blog post. What's forwarding? Packet forwarding is taking a packet from an incoming interface and moving it to it’s outgoing interface (if there is one).

The transport layer

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Following up on my “Computer networking: a top down approach” summaries, this blog entry will be about the transport layer. Hope you like it! The transport layer is the layer that sits in the middle of the network layer (where IP addresses live) and the application layer, which we discussed in the previous post. The transport layer gets a message from the application layer through its socket API and encapsulates it into a segment.

The application layer

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Hi! This is my second blog entry. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, the first real blog post would be a summary about each chapter I liked in the “Computer Networking: a top down approach” book I am reading. This one is about chapter 2, or more specifically, about the application layer and how it works. It may not have all the data, but is a summary that I did and works for me.